A simple meaning of the term matrix is something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form and this is what I believe has come of religions. If you are in a religion, you are in a matrix. This is not something that is good or bad, it is something that is. 

The problem with a person in a matrix is that they may think that it is the original system and not realize that it originated or developed from something that is the original. All religions are a part of something that is the whole. A matrix can develop its own set of rules different from the original system that it came from. 

 Just think about it. This is the reason why we have so many religions, with each person thinking that their religion holds all of the truth. The truth is, a religion only has a part of the truth and not the whole truth. If this is true, then we should not close our minds to other religions. Other religions may have a part of the truth that your religion may not have. 

Maybe we need to be a little more open minded when looking into other religions. Who knows what part of the truth it may have. Remember, your religion is also in a matrix. More about this in the next article. So come and let us reason together.

Published by Willie Starks