Betrayed by his mother, An adolescent boy was taught one thing never to trust anyone with his emotions. Stranded and afraid that young boy had to attend to his siblings. The innocent boy soon learned what the term "growing up fast" really implied. Growing up that young boy learned how to play the game of delusion. Never actually formed any real relations with anyone. Accepting that the lovers of his parents would disappear from his world, like a magic trick at a night show. Mom was locked away behind bars and dad was trying his best. In truth, none of them were ever there for the young boy and his siblings.

The young boy never really understood where his story was headed until, one day the father introduced a woman to the young boy. Shield ready, the young boy unwillingly greeted this woman. In the adolescent boys head, he knew that one day she would disappear and her name would be soon misremembered. Nevertheless, the woman above stayed, and the child would begin to acknowledge this lady. Their connection would grow, and after eleven great years, the boy discovered to love again. This woman had taught him everything he knew. from cleaning to cooking and even a few relationship tips. The boy began to comprehend all she had done for him and his siblings. She allowed for him to be a kid once more.

-Truly yours, Mister Ho

Published by Branden Ho