2k Games announced at the end of June that they would be releasing a remastered collection of the three BioShock games: BioShock, Bioshock 2, and the highly acclaimed BioShock Infinite on September 13th. The package is to include a remastered version of the first two games for PC and versions of all three compatible for owners of the Xbox One and PS4 as well as commentary by Kevin Levine (the creator of the franchise) , an interactive museum of scrapped concept art, and all DLC aside from the Bioshock 2 Multiplayer. All this for the price of one of most new games, $59.99. 

Now, this is a great deal, especially for those who haven't experienced the games but have always wanted to. This collection is something I would recommend for anyone who doesn't already own the games. I clarify that it's for those who don't own it because as someone who has already played all three games, I'm not sure I'll shell out the 60 bucks just for remastered graphics and extra features (though I may eat my words when the release date rolls around). My reason for this is because I haven't heard any tell about 2k fixing issues with the games, namely the crashes experienced by many a player of BioShock 2 (myself included). I should hope that fixing this crash would be part of the package but with so little information given about it or solutions offered by 2k when the problems first arose, I'm a little leery. 

As a fan of the franchise, however, the "Imagining Bioshock" and the "Museum of Orphaned Concepts might justify buying the collection but not much information has been provided about how much playtime is in the museum or how long the commentary is so a lot of the value may rely on the remastered graphics. Don't get me wrong; this remaster offers a lot of content in addition to enhanced graphics where most remasters would seem to be purely cosmetic. My opinion is this: people who love the BioShock franchise already own all three games and DLC and if they're anything like me, they'd be reluctant to pay for games they already have despite those few extra features. 

My verdict: if you don't own the games yet but are interested it is definitely worth the money because I would recommend the games even without the new stuff and it's an awesome deal. If you already own them, I'd wait until 2k divulges new information as to how much there is to experience with this new content. 

Published by Allison Keairns