This is a portion of an old version of my ongoing story entitled ‘Remember Me Kindly’. I have since made drastic changes to this story concept. The sections will be of varying lengths.


This is dedicated to someone who said she could communicate with supernatural beings and was always raving about Bloody Mary and her dogs and little girls on bicycles with speaking dolls. Imagine the consequences when myth and reality converge and both end up being true. When all else is lost, I pray that you 'remember me kindly'.


  1. Unplugged



“I swear, guys! There really is a ghost in Hanawalt House. Her name is Megan.” Fiona insisted.


The group meeting had been called to nip her late-night walks in the bud but it seemed like Fiona had other things in mind to talk about. The young ladies of Vista 401, huddled together in the lounge area of their suite to discuss proper behavior of seventeen year olds, suddenly got caught up in trying to figure out how this ‘Megan’ had died and why she chose to stay in Hanawalt.


“How did she die?” queried Agnes.


“I know!” exclaimed Antoinette. “She was walking back to her dorm from Barb’s with enchiladas when the Hanawalt squirrel came and attacked her—“


“Seriously? This again?” Agnes interrupted. “It’s a squirrel not a demon incarnate!”


Antoinette carried on without so much as a pause, “She ran into the street and was struck by a car as it looked on with its beady little eyes. Enchilada sauce stained the pavement.”


“Really?” Agnes, again, interrupted.


Antoinette raised her voice slightly and carried on, “As Megan took her last breath she could see the squirrel on the street eating her enchiladas.” Having finished relating her theory, Antoinette looked around expectantly, to see all her suitemates looking at her dumbfounded. “What?! Let's hear your great theory then!”


Moira frowned in response, before speaking up, "She's a ghost, right? Well, doesn't that mean that her death was unexpected?"


Agnes cut in again, "Most deaths are!"


Moira glared at the older woman, "Shut up and let me finish! Ghosts are beings trapped on earth as they are seeking revenge or solace of some kind."


"Chill!" Moira's roommate, Lisbeth, urged in her blasé way. "It's never that serious! Besides ghosts haunt places for multiple reasons."


Agnes nodded, thoughtfully, "I agree with Lisbeth--"


"Who died and made the two of you experts on the supernatural?!" Moira shouted. She sounded and looked extremely annoyed and aggravated.


Lisbeth and Agnes looked at each other for a second. Agnes shrugged, reflexively; while, Lisbeth merely smiled and closed her eyes, not phased in the slightest.


Fiona laughed nervously. “Damn… It's just a ghost! Who said she had to have died in a certain way? Besides, I'm sure that's not what happened.”


“What do you mean? Don’t you know?” Agnes asked, curiously.

Published by Agnes S Kamalnath