It’s an excellent idea to grow a beard. You will instantly look more mature than your age. You can command attention and earn respect. From someone that people see as a baby in the room, you will immediately become a well-respected person. During meetings, you can expect everyone to listen to you. 

Although growing a beard is an excellent idea, it’s also time consuming. You have to ensure that you maintain the same length; otherwise, it will look messy and terrible. Instead of earning respect, people will think that you’re too lazy to even fix your growing beard. Therefore, once you decide to grow it, you have to ensure that the length remains the same. Constantly remind yourself to trim the beard. 

Create a regular schedule

After a while, you will notice when your beard starts to grow. At that point, you can create a regular schedule to ensure that you can trim it on time. Set a reminder on your phone so that it alarms whenever you’re behind schedule. You also have to consider other factors. For instance, if you’re rushing to work in the morning, you don’t need to trim at that time. Find a more comfortable schedule when you won’t mind maintaining the beard. 

Ask your friends 

It also helps to ask your friends what they think about the length of your beard. There are instances when it grows faster than expected. As such, you might want to start trimming. The ones who are with you all the time might notice if there are small changes in your appearance.

Have your tools ready

You know what you need to take care of your beard. You need the trimmer and shaving cream. You also need after-shave tools in case you have allergic reactions. If you need to buy new tools, you have to do so before your scheduled maintenance period.

Don’t be lazy

At some point, you will feel tired of maintaining your beard. You feel like it’s a huge responsibility and you want to give up. Before you reach that point, you have to remember how terrible your appearance will be if you fail to trim on schedule. Don’t decide to grow a beard yet if you don’t think you’re capable of maintaining it.

Ask yourself first if you’re capable of following up with your regular trimming schedule. If you’re ready, you can start to grow your beard. Check out if you need tools to help the growth of your beard.

You will appreciate the effort

At first, you might get tired of maintaining your beard. You might even want to give up because you’re no longer happy with the hectic maintenance schedule. Eventually, you will get over it, especially if you receive lots of good comments because of your appearance. Even if you feel exhausted with regular trimming, you won’t mind it.

You can also play with your beard to have different styles once it has reached a suitable length. You might get bored with your current appearance at some point.

Published by Mohsin Ahsan