When you consider all that is happening here in Thailand, it is understandable why it is incredibly easy to find property for rent in Pattaya, and across Thailand. There are plenty of developers building condominiums for investors to rent out, as well as a huge selection of private investors buying up houses to rent. So why is Pattaya a haven for someone looking to rent a property in the area?

Things to take into consideration!

There are several factors to take into consideration why so many properties are now available.

The Thai economy at the time of writing this, is at an all-time high. The strong Thai baht has affected many people living in Thailand. Expatriates who have previously enjoyed living on a moderate pension, are now having to tighten their belts more than ever before. For some, the possibility of living here has become unrealistic, forcing many to return back home. With the exodus of so many ex-pats, of course comes the availability of many more properties. The most common property an ex-pat lived in, in general, was a condominium. They are readily available, normally come will all the amenities you require, and are very reasonably priced. Perfect, for those on a fixed income.

Despite how the economy is right now, developers are seeing this as the perfect time to build. Luxurious condominiums tower over the skyline, confirming that there are plenty of people looking to invest in property in Pattaya. According to many reports issued pre-launch and at the First stage, almost 60% of these condominiums are already sold out. Who is buying these, well reports state that Chinese investors are holding the majority share? Surprisingly or perhaps not so surprisingly, there are also many Thai investors looking to purchase property. Weekend homes or property for long term rent is the buzz word in Bangkok right now.

So what is available to potential customers looking to rent a property in Pattaya?

Depending on the location, there are many options available. Of course, finances will quiet often dictate where you can afford to live. Here is a breakdown of the areas you may wish to consider living in.

Pattaya City: Although you have everything at your fingertips, you also have many aspects that may not appeal to you. Traffic and congestion, as in all major cities, is high, especially during the busy periods of morning and afternoon rush hours. There naturally are more people around. Tourists, especially in “High Season” come in their thousands to visit, so you may wish to consider this. Having said that, of course living in the city center gives you everything you need and more, close to hand. Restaurants, bars, clubs and beaches are all within a few minutes’ walk no matter where you stay in the city.

Nakluea Area: Probably not the most well know area of Pattaya, however it is a very nice place. Mainly occupied by Russian tourists, the cost of living in this area is quite high. There are several very high-end hotels, as well as 4* Condominium developments. Nakluea does have a reasonable selection of restaurants and bars, and some of the nicest beach areas of Pattaya. The area of Nakluea is much quieter than the city center, and is a firm favourite with the older generation.

Pratumnak and Jomtien: This area is quickly becoming a very popular destination. More and more developments can be seen being built along the coastline. Likewise, restaurants and coffee shops are springing up around every corner. The beach stretches as far as the eye can see and is constantly being improved. There are many properties available in this area. A mix of both condominiums as well as houses and villas. Jomtien is a popular destination and carries a slightly higher premium than other areas outside of Pattaya.

East Pattaya (The Darkside): Without doubt, this area is where you will find most ex-pats living. Consisting of three main roads, East Pattaya could be described as a home for home. Bars and restaurants, as well as local shops and businesses, can be found in this area. If you are looking for a property for rent in Pattaya then the “Darkside” is by far, the most popular choice. The ex-pat community make you feel very welcome, and the cost of living is a lot cheaper than the city center and other popular destinations. Don’t be concerned about the nickname “The Darkside”. This area is only referred to as this because there is less nightlife, meaning at night the streets are only illuminated by street lights and not busy bars and clubs with all their flashing lights etc.

So, in summary, renting a property in Pattaya is very easy!

Whatever your own personal choice is, there are properties available to suit your budget and preferred location. Take your time and look around before committing even if you find what you consider to be your dream property. Because of the availability of so many properties, don’t be afraid to negotiate a better deal. Private landlords are more likely to accept an offer, Developers perhaps may not be so approachable.

Think long and hard about each area. Think about factors that will become an everyday part of life when you set up home. Look around and be patient, around every corner there may be a pleasant surprise awaiting you!

Published by Qais Ahmadi