I finished reading a book the other day about a female photographer.  During her career, she ended up covering a number of war, conflict, and refugee events. 

From what I gathered from her book and her work, she was quite successful.  But, as many do in her profession (I imagine), she, at one point, began questioning her exit strategy from this horrifically dangerous career. 

She, of course, discussed her decision with friends, loved ones, and her husband.  But, because she was a woman, the conversational arc manifested with a bit of a difference.

She was told by some that if she were to stop her career, she would then have time to have a baby.


I wonder how often this happens to women.  That we have an "out" of some sort if we have a baby to "replace" whatever we are perceived as having lost. 

What does having a baby mean to a woman?  Does a baby always close those niggling, open loops of our lives?  Do they provide a reference point to the story of a woman's life, a story that would have been more loose and confusing without this reference point? 

Don't get me wrong. Having children transforms everyone's life.  I just think it interesting that so many may see that having a child, especially for a woman, to be the binding that holds together the story of her life.  

Published by kimberly harding