Who's the most prestigious President that you can remember?  It can't be Bush, can it? He had the legacy of his father's Presidency but none of the personal success of Mr. Trump. Despite having to strategically file for bankruptcy more than once Donald Trump would be the wealthiest President to get elected. If this was his only claim to fame then he wouldn't get the media coverage that he does. Despite his father's legacy, and unlike George W., he has not been over-shadowed. In fact, he refuses to be second-rate in whatever he does. Aside from the blunders that any wealthy man can have (the big public kind), he has always been driven and taken a classy approach to a cut-throat business while engaging in philanthropy. I mentioned that he would be the wealthiest President if elected, but this is still only a hypothetical. 


The Democratic Opposition

In the other corner, we have Hilary Clinton, a democrat with White House experience under her belt and a Senate seat. The opposition looks tough for the Republican Candidate even through the scandals and allegations of voter fraud. She would be the first woman President in American history and has the political experience that includes a cabinet seat under the Obama administration. Hilary will argue that he is inexperienced and has little to no foreign policy experience. This will all be true, but the next blow that will be dealt, and probably not in person at a debate, will be accusations of intolerance. Trump is against illegal immigration, I think that most people with citizenship or a temporary Visa would agree with that the legal route is the better way to reside here. The way he talked about it will not win over swing voters by any method. He needs to tread lightly here in the coming months but most Democrats have decided who to vote for Hilary after his comments about the wall he would build. I think he meant economic sanctions on Mexico would pay for a more secure border, but it didn't sound like that. Round one goes to Hilary.


The Cover Up

Hilary Clinton is mired in so many unethical scandals that you could probably find five more if she gave you the password to her phone. Democrats may cry crook as they usually do with the other side of the table but Hilary has been wrapped up in so many public fiascos that only Bill could talk her way out of it. That's the Democratic "trump" card in their corner that they've yet to full employ. Bill was a popular President that despite his philandering and the highly publicized investigation, has maintained a good reputation with the American populace. 


The Face Off

Hilary is experienced but has yet to actually show any dominance in the debates. She coasted through on her own legacy and took the time to prepare for her convention date with Bill. Bernie fought till the end and people are claiming another voting inaccuracy like the Bush v Gore disaster. No one heard Bernie's cries of foul as he played all the way to the end with a more seasoned opponent. Yet, Hilary may underestimate Donald coming into the debates. He really isn't as moronic as he sounds most times if he's properly prepared. So Trump has some debate training to do because face it, all of us undecided voters will watch to see who comes out on top. There is always a winner and a loser, believe it or not. Trump will be down coming into the first debate but if he sweeps the series there's no way he's not getting elected. 

This should be an interesting face off at the end of the campaigns for two heavy-weights that are vying for what's still argued to be the most powerful position in the world. Your vote may count if you're not a felon or illegal immigrant so get out there and weigh in on the bloodbath that will be the smearing of both sides of the fence this election year. Nothing gets people going like a good civil war and it sounds like the Trump supporters are prepared for just that. If the NASCAR crowd doesn't get in the way of the progressive Millenials looking for a camp to migrate to after Sanders didn't get the candidacy, he may have the Prestige and swagger to contend with the senior politician in the race. Don't count the under dog out, and don't expect that your tally won't add up for your favorite goofy Billionaire or the woman-that-would-be-President. Rock the vote, don't drink and politicize, and never send naked pictures to your intern at work. 

Published by Blake Gardner