“I am not pleased that so many bees were killed.”-Jason Ward, Dorchester Co. Administrator

first, grave yellow bees

Snapple fact #840

“Honey is the only food that does not spoil”




from the sky,

Grave yellow

What is more important?

Who agreed to this?

Mist, chemical mist

Plucking off



Honey never spoils


Second, from the sky

yellow fuzz

Bodies, yellowing hands, scattered

Yellow ground,

What now?


Plucking away

Hands and legs

Covered in yellow pollen

No more

What is more important?

Whose eyes aglow

With want


Golden graves

Atmosphere in graying sputters

What is safety?


Eyes aglow with want

of life, begetting death

Whose life is more worth saving?

This is not the question to ask


From the sky


Instead of saturating our homes

saturated morality

fund life instead


we are bees

stick together

gentle pull


we have forgotten

we are bees

snatch and squeeze instead,

money always spoils

Published by Kristiane Weeks-Rogers