shutterstock_322749128What is the most important thing in your life right now?

If you had asked me that question one year ago I would have said “to keep the house and have enough money to fix what is wrong with it.”. Each and every day I struggled with the Lord, trying to twist His arm into giving me the money we needed to keep the house and fix what is wrong with it.

Are we not supposed to pray about our needs?

Yes, we are supposed to pray about our needs, but sometimes, we get so focused on what we do not have so it becomes the most important part of our life. That is when we start to twist the Lords arm, trying to force him into giving us what we need.

You know the feeling, you get so desperate, you have prayed for so long about something that is the Lords will and then suddenly it starts affecting your mood and emotions. That is a tell tale sign that something is wrong, that the thing you lack have become an idol in your life and you have ended up trying to twist the Lords arm into giving you your idol.

When this happens it becomes difficult to pray. The Lord will never give you an idol, or bless your attempts to get an idol. And it is quite possible to make what is the Lords will for you into an idol. Healing can become an idol, prosperity can become an idol. That is why the devil has no problem reminding you what you dont have. Because when he gets you to focus so much on what you do not have that it starts to affect your mood he knows you have made what God wants for you into an idol. And that is when he becomes religious, because this is not about what you need and want in your life. This is about the object of your faith. For the devil knows that if your object of faith is wrong, you will loose your soul in the end.

The devil worked overtime last year on me, reminding me about our debt, our bill collectors, all the collection agencies and our risk of facing a foreclosure. He told me all about the shame that comes with having to go through a foreclosure, and having to sell our house. And he did not stop reminding me I had to pray for money to keep our house, and money to fix it. But the suddenly this started affecting my mood and emotions.

Being in debt, having to deal with collection agencies, a possible foreclosure started affecting me. So when I prayed to become debt free, and to keep our house, I felt so depressed when nothing happened. I wanted results now! right away, I wanted God to part the heavens and come down and just give me the money I needed. And in my mind, I imagined myself being very happy and at peace that day when I would have enough money to keep our house.

Without me knowing it, the house had become an idol. And then the devil started using preachers around me to tempt me into doing things to get God to give me the money we needed. i started having this idea I could do something to twist the Lords arm into giving me the money we needed.

All the time this was happening, the Lord was trying to get my attention to tell me it was not His will for us to keep the house. Not because He did not want us to have a house, but because He knew the house has major construction errors and mold infections we did not know about at the time. And because the house is to big for just two people. But I would not listen, because I was caught in a continued fight with the Lord, a fight I could not win, trying to twist His arm into giving me the money.

The Lord is not against us becoming debt free. He wants us wealthy, He wants us debt free. (Deut 28:1-13). But He wants us to be at peace, resting in Him, no matter what happens in our lives. When our circumstances affects our mood we are not resting in Him. When our circumstances affects our mood they have become idols in our lives, and we have given them power over us to decide if we are to be happy, sad, stressed, worried. We have given them authority to decide something in our lives only the Lord has authority to do. So we have made health, money, and the lack of these things into Lord in our lives, they have become idols in our lives.

For you it might be health issues. It might be physical or mental health issues. It might be money, or lack of money. If your circumstances have the authority to decide your mood they have become Lord in your life, they have become idols in your lives. And they might be things the Lord wants for you, He wants you healthy, wealthy and prosperous. But He can not give you these things if they have taken His place of authority in your lives, if they have become idols. (3.John 2)

You can try to fight your entire life, trying to twist His arm into healing you, providing for you, protecting you but He will never give you any of these things if they have become idols in your life. And if you do not repent from fighting with the Lord, you will one day loose your soul (Gal 5:4) because you become so accustomed to living under the law instead of grace.

I would not listen to the Lord back then, and He had to allow a foreclosure to almost happen to get my attention. Now I am very happy we moved from the house. We both feel so healthy, free of the mold infections and we do not need a huge house to be happy. We live in a small but big enough apartment, and we feel more blessed then we have ever felt.

We are far from being debt free, and house is not sold yet. We continue to pray each and every day to have the money we need, to pay of all our debt. And we pray each and every day for our house to be sold. But we are happy, at peace and the lack of money and our house not being sold yet does not affect our mood. We feel more blessed, more at peace, more happy then ever before.


Because our focus is no longer what we do not have, our focus is no longer what we need. Our focus is what He has done for us, when He died for us. So instead of constantly thinking about what we do not have we choose to think of what we have the death of Jesus for our sins. And that makes all the difference.

It even makes it easier to pray about the things we do not have. We are no longer tempted to twist the Lords arm. Instead we come to Him in prayer focused on the cross, and we hear Him telling us He will take care of it. We hear Him reminding us He will give us the money and make sure our house is sold soon.

We have no idea how or when, that His business. But we know it will happen when the time is right. How can we know this? Because He died for us. (Rom 8:32). So we know we are already debt free, financial stable and the house is already sold. And one day, He will give us what we already have in His cross. Our job is just to choose to focus on the cross and not what we need in our lives.

I do not know when He will heal you or meet your needs. But I know and I can promise you He will heal you and meet your needs. That is His will for you, to provide for you and meet your needs. (Deut 28:1-13). But if you feel worried, sad, depressed and anxious because you lack money or you are sick then you have made your lack and your sickness into an idol in your life. You have given your lack of money and your health issue the role as Lord in your lives. They have become idols in your life.

The Lord wants to heal you and provide for you, but first you have to do something about the idols in your life. They are stopping the Lord from giving you what He wants to give you. The only way to do something about them is to make the cross of Christ bigger then your problems.

It is to choose to look to what you have in the death of Jesus instead of what you dont have.

Then He will give you it all, because your needs are met and you are blessed as a by-product of being in a right relationship with the Lord through continued trust in Jesus dying for your sins.

Published by Apostle Ernie