What is the main thing I have learned so far in life? 


It is to be weak, because when I am weak He is strong and I only need the blood for the blood of Jesus is enough (2.Cor 12:9)


I have also learned not to hold to closely to earthly possessions, but when I do, the Lord who has the authority to take them away in an instant loves me so much that He first works on Me to accept a loss before He removes them. 

i was thinking about this today how the Lord has changed me the last year, how I am a different person today then I was one year ago. One year ago I was very focused on keeping our house and not having to sell it. Now I am hoping to sell it as soon as possible and as quickly as possible. To be honest, it will be great relieve when I am able to sell it. 


One year ago the very idea of not having a car would have terrified me. Living in our day and age I need a car to get around. But then suddenly I found myself in a situation last week where I had to accept we did not have money for rent for the apartment we are living in right now. So the idea came to me to sell some of our possessions, but then I heard the Lord say "sell the car". The strange thing is, I had no problem selling it. To be honest, it was a wreck almost. The windows did not open, the AC was broken but the engine was good and everything else worked on it. So I had no hope of getting a high amount for it when I advertised it online. But then all of the sudden the phone rang and a person wanted to buy it for a reasonable price. Not the price I wanted to sell it for, but it was ok. About 5 hours later the phone rang again, and another person wanted to buy it, but he wanted to pay more for it. So I accepted and I sold it, and now I have the money for rent for next month. 


You might be wondering why I suddenly did not have money for rent for next month? We have not sold the house, we have moved from it, but not sold it yet. So we still have to deal with the installments on the house mortgage in addition to rent on our new apartment. To be totally honest, I would rather pay rent then the installments on our house. We dont live there anymore, and the worst that can happen is the bank deciding to foreclosure on our house. But if that happens we will already be in the process of selling it by our own free will. 


So now we have money for rent, no car but enough money to live on until we get our paycheck next month. If this had been one year ago I would panicked, but now I am at peace and I am actually feeling blessed. A strange thing to hear myself say I am blessed without a car, living in a rented apartment. But in reality it is not so strange. I have the blood of Jesus and if I have the blood of Jesus I am blessed. 


You can be the poorest person in the world and have almost no money and still be the most wealthiest person alive if you have the blood of Jesus. And yes I know, some of you might say, "how can this be? if you dont have any money the blood of Jesus cant buy food or the things you need. You need financial security before you need eternal security"

I understand why you think like that, believe me I understand and there was a time in my life where I used to think like that. But let me explain what happened to me. 


The Bible says everything we have done and everything we are able to do by ourself, is considered to be a sin by God. So every attempt of our own to make it on our own or to have control in our own life is considered to be a sin by God. So every attempt of mine to gain financial security is a sin. Our wants and needs right here and right now cant be met by our own ability and our own ways, but we sure have a tendency to try even though it always ends in sin. 


God is not blind to the fact that we have needs and wants in this life. He knows you need money for food, for rent, for mortgage, a new car. He knows you have needs, physical, emotional and spiritual needs. So many have portrayed Him the wrong way and given us the impression He only cares for the eternal and not the here and now, but that is a lie. Deut 28:1-13, psalm 23, psalm 91 all shows us a God who is deeply interested in meeting our needs right here and right now. But only the way He wants them to be met. So we dont get to decide how our needs are met, He is the only one who gets to decide how our needs are met. That is why He is Lord over all of our life. 


We cant do without His help, if we try we sin. But if we do it His way we win. And what is His way? 


Admitting we cant do it by ourself. Deciding to lay our own efforts down and surrender to Him in faith by choosing every day of our life to focus our faith on the cross and nothing but the cross and the blood of Christ. 


God wants to meet our needs, He is deeply concerned with our life right here, right now and we can trust Him to care for us now. But in 3.John 2 He says He cant do anything until our soul prospers. The condition God has set to meet our needs right here and right now is for our soul to prosper first, if our soul is prospering He will make us wealthy and healthy. 


So how does our soul prosper? By faith in the blood of Jesus that makes our soul righteous. (Romans 3:22, 2 Cor 5:21)


By such a faith our soul prospers and the Holy Spirit is released to flow without hindrances into our life to release grace into every area of our life. When this happens and our needs are met, He gets the glory and not us. That is why Moses found himself on the shores of the red sea before the Egyptian army was wiped out. God could have stopped them long before the Red Sea, it would have been more comfortable for the Israelites. But if God had stopped them before the shores of the Red Sea people could have said this was because of Moses. God had to bring Moses and the Israelites to a place where there would be no doubt who had intervened and rescued the Israelites. God had to bring Moses and the Israelites to a place where everybody would say "this is the Lords doing, He protected His people and freed them from the hands of the Egyptians". God has to bring us to a place where we decide to lay down all our own efforts and say "I only need the blood of jesus". 


God cant do anything in the life of a strong person, a person who thinks he is well able to meet his or his families needs. God  has to humble such a person and bring him or her to a place where they say "I only need the blood of Jesus". But when that happens, God lifts such a person up and gives him freedom and wealth in way that will make everybody say "this is the Lords doing, He delivered this man, this woman and He provides for them. This persons Lord sure is powerful, He has to be God". 


So the question we have to ask ourself, do we find ourself in stress, trials and tribulations of life because we are still convinced we have to do something to almost help God meet our needs. Is it Gods help + our help? That will never work, we will always fail if we try to do it like that and God will allow us to fail to humble us to make us see we how we need Him and His blood and how that is the only solution. 


I can testify in my own life how God has allowed things to happen to bring me to a place where I am now saying "I only need the blood of Jesus". I have been brought to a place where I  no longer trust myself and my ability to do anything. I still have a ton of needs that I would like to see be met. But I am no longer stressed out about it, because I trust God. I trust Him to meet my needs and no longer myself. 


There has been a shift in my personality, a shift where I no longer feel responsible to meet my needs because I know I cant do it anyway. So why should I feel responsible to do something I am unable to do in the first place. Instead I have given Him responsibility to meet my needs, and I trust Him to meet my needs because my soul is prosperous as long as my faith is in the blood of Jesus. 


When I am weak He is strong, because His strength works best in my weakness (2.Cor 12:9) and the blood is enough (2.Cor 12:9)

Published by Apostle Ernie apostleernie@outlook.com