Is there something you are doing in your life right now that just seems like it’s really hard and just not happening? Maybe you feel God has called you to something but nothing you do is making it work. Are you feeling stressed about tasks you are undertaking that you can’t seem to shake? Well maybe you are striving in the flesh. In Hebrews 4 we are taught to labour to enter into Gods rest by ceasing from our own works. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean you have missed God, but maybe it’s a timing thing. Maybe God is giving you a powerful vision for your life that might not be for today but maybe next week, next month or even longer. Don’t be discouraged, be prepared... So it’s time to stop striving.

How you might ask? Well it depends on the situation you are facing but basically all comes down to trusting God. When Gods hand is upon something it should flow and doors should easily open. This doesn’t mean you won’t have work to do, but it will mean it won’t be draining and stressful as the right doors should open without you having to strive and push for them to open.

Sometimes God will put on our hearts things He has for us and we can step out in them to discover it’s just not time. This is where we need to accept this and not push for something God’s not ready to do. We have to remember that anything we gain by our own efforts and striving, we will have to maintain by the same means. The Bible also teaches where there is confusion there’s every evil work.

God has given us His Spirit that He predominately leads us by with peace. If you don’t have a peace about the things you are about to do, I would advise you don’t do it. We need to be people led by God and not moved by fear of what man will think about us, or fear of missing out. Remember all things work for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose.

Stress is not something God calls us to live under. God’s Grace comes upon everything He calls us to do, so if you are not seeing that Grace flow, step back till it does. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Know that He is with you, and He has your back. If you have made mistakes that’s fine. We all have! God can repair any damage and then restore 100 fold anything lost.

Get close to God through Prayer, Worship and His Word and He will direct you step by step. Don’t be afraid to step out when you believe God has called you, but be ready to slow down or step back if you discover it’s not the right time. This is our growth process and it’s glorious. God will teach us through our mistakes.

Be blessed

Carol Eddington. xx

Published by Carol Eddington