First Impressions:

I’ve heard a lot about Ally Carter and her spy books yet have always been reluctant to pick one up. When I found this, I hefted the book of the shelf and gave it a chance. I liked this book quite a lot. The style of writing was good and enough to intrigue me. The concept of the Embassy Row and all the countries squished next to each other was nice but the mystery of Grace’s Mum’s Murder was what really got me…


Grace is a girl. She has lost her Mum. Who Was Murdered By A Scarred Man. 
Now, after the ‘accident’ , Grace is determined to get revenge. Well, mostly to prove to everyone she’s not crazy. That she did see a man with a striking scar down his face. That she did not imagine it. That she will get revenge. Moving back to a place engraved with the past of her dead Mother, Grace has to stand up tall in the world which is ‘Falling Down’. All Fall Down, a story of grieving, friendship and craziness all mixed together in one gripping, heart-stopping novel that will make you read until the very last page, smacking you with the biggest plot-twist before you even know what’s hit you.


Embassy Row:

The idea of it all has a lot of room for improvement and potential. She could do so much with this idea. I love how Embassy Row was made up of loads of embassies side by side(hence the name Embassy Row), representing a different country. If you step one foot out of line, you could begin a war, literally. This idea alone could become a best-selling novel! I would even pre-order it…


I’ve always been a fan of flashback in the cute italic font since I read the book ‘Love Aubrey’. It adds so much suspense and thrills to the whole plot because it always stops as soon as it comes to the point of revelation.

Characters | Grace’s friends

Grace is our protagonist. She’s brave and crazy but also lost and vulnerable. She’s puzzled, hurt and most of all confused. She can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what’s not. She can’t tell the difference between truths and lies. She can’t tell the difference between enemies and friends. All of the other characters were kind of boring apart from Rosie. The little, mysterious girl popping out of nowhere with crazy and random suggestions. I’m a bit confused why Jamie actually didn’t appear once in the book and always Alexie?

Characters | Adults?

Miss Chancellor was near my favourite. She reminded me of Effie Trinket from the trilogy ‘The Hunger Games’. She wasn’t quite as extravagant but had the same personalities. The Grandad is a very confusing and annoying character but at the end, you’ll understand why…

The Tunnels

I loved all the secret alleyways and tunnels, and the way Grace found herself lost in them. It was great to see the underworld of Embassy Row and added to the mystery of the Scarred Man.

Final Thoughts:

The reason I gave it 3 stars was because it got a little boring and some parts were unnecessary, especially the beginning with the flag and the whole Megan thing.And the pace was either too fast sometimes and too slow at others. I wanted to give 3 and a half because it wasn’t a SMASHING book, of course, but I definitely I LIKED it! That extra half was because of that amazing, jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, eye bulging plot twist! And plus, I have loved mystery books since forever.

When I read the Plot Twist:

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