Declan Reede: The Untold Story Complete series by Michelle Irwin 


5 massive stars!!

Deliciously addictive!!! I am so glad I waited to read the complete series as there is no way I could have waited between books. Once you start reading this series you can't stop until you've turned the last page, the thrills and spills of Declan and Alyssa's journey keep you hooked.
Declan thinks he's living his dreams driving in the ProV8 series until the past that he's tried so hard to keep locked away keeps flooding his mind at the most inconvenient times. As a result he's looking at a one ticket out of the series but there's always something around the corner and when Declan’s boss sends him to London to get his head straight he finds himself sat next to Alyssa, the one person he can't forget and the reason he can't finish a race. Declan’s got a lot to make up for and seeing Alyssa only confirms to him that he was a fool to walk away and try to forget about her, she's his best friend and the one person he's always loved. They've both had very different lives while they've been apart and the longer Declan is around Alyssa the more he starts to come to terms with how much pain he caused her but now he's determined to fight for her. Life's never straight forward but will they come out on top?
After Declan left, Alyssa tried for so long to get in contact with him and she couldn't understand why he would just leave and cut her out like that, she needed him and he wasn't there. Now she finds herself stuck next to him on a plane all the way to London, she still wants him but after everything he put her through she doesn't want to be hurt anymore plus she needs to find a way to tell him what she's been trying to tell him for years. Can she open up to him after all this time or is it best to guard her heart and walk away? When Declan steps up and does everything to make Alyssa trust him again she finally opens herself up to them being a family, it won't be easy but together they'll fight to stay together.

Published by Nikki Gunnett