Name: Every Month Cleansing Foam (Aloe Vera)

Number: 7

Price: 198Php

This product says:

“This is a soothing type of cleansing foam that has aloe vera extract that soothes skin. The aloe vera is known for its excellent moisturizing and soothing capabilities.”

My skin isn’t good, I tell you! Due to a health problem (which I’ll be writing about soon), my skin doesn’t stop breaking out and so pimples are everywhere. I’m glad I’ve found this product as it is indeed a soothing relief. It makes my skin feel calm and fresh after work and my pimples somehow don’t swell anymore. (I’m working on something though to stop pimples from coming back again and again. I believe it’s working well, so hang on ‘cause I’ll be sharing it with you guys soooon!)

This one comes with a variety of functions numbered from 1 to 12. It doesn’t mean you have to use each number for each month. It’s just the name though. However, you might want to try all of ‘em and it’s totally fine! I just thought this one is what my face needs. It depends on what suits your skin best. So choose wisely! ^_^

Published by Sheryl Gim