Foxglove Summer (Peter Grant, #5)

Title: Foxglove Summer | Series: Peter Grant #5 | Author: Ben Aaronovitch | Publisher: Gollancz | Publication date: November 13th 2014| Num. Pages: 385 | Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal

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4 stars – Unicorns?! Much better!


In the fifth of his bestselling series Ben Aaronovitch takes Peter Grant out of whatever comfort zone he might have found and takes him out of London – to a small village in Herefordshire where the local police are reluctant to admit that there might be a supernatural element to the disappearance of some local children. But while you can take the London copper out of London you can’t take the London out of the copper.

Travelling west with Beverley Brook, Peter soon finds himself caught up in a deep mystery and having to tackle local cops and local gods. And what’s more all the shops are closed by 4pm …


Foxglove Summer was much better than the previous two books. It was still quite police-beaty but it also had the magic that the previous two books lacked which was a big improvement and threw this book squarely back into the sci-fi/paranormal genre for me.

Foxglove Summer follows Peter Grant as he recovers from the treacherous blow from the previous book and his subsequent anger management issues as he joins an investigation for two missing girls near Wales. An abundance of Roman Roads, villages suitable for Countryfile, aliens and so much farmland and woodland as to appease any Fae.  Which – ironically, is the big bad in this book.

With the oh-shit factor of the previous books’ ending, Foxglove brings Peter nicely back into the fold of the sanely insane and the overly passive-aggressive. I went into this book with a bit of suspicion and just a hint of pre-disappointment but I’m ecstatic to say that I was not disappointed with this book; although the beginning half was pretty slow and not really a whole lot happened, the part that made this book for me was Beverly Brook’s appearance.

I ship it…

There was a slim hope that there would be a bit of Lesley action but alas it was few and far between though humorous in its own twisted way. There was also a suspicious lack of Nightingale in the wake of the door revelation but I was comfortable with that as I know he’s kind of integral to the story as a whole – kill him off Ben and it’ll be like The Walking Dead “Don’t Kill Daryl” up in here!

The book is mostly a police investigation into the disappearance of two young girls whose mobile phones turn up fried in the way that magic fries the microprocessor and in enters Peter Grant, apprentice wizard. From the moment the phones are found the magic kicks up a notch *bam* and there’s ghostly/glassy apparitions of unicorns – UNICORNS – and some serious aggression from them to boot. Peter loses his cool and beats a tree up under the advisement of Beverly Brook and there’s a serious amount of non-descriptive sex happening in this book – there’s a river involved and not the River kind.

The characters were all great, Dominic in particular as a newbie however he’ll only be around for this book I should think. The usual suspects were involved but there was an abundance of new characters that all mesh together with the storyline pretty well. I honestly didn’t expect it to be changelings but boy what a good plot!

I’ve already moved on to The Hanging Tree which is out November 3rd!

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