Glass Sword was an impressive, surprising sequel to Red Queen.

For most of the book, I was torn between loving and hating the main character, Mare. She truly won me over by the end of the novel.

Speaking about the end of the novel...


I will definitely be waiting for the third book, King's Cage  because I really really need that book. With the cliffhanger, everyone single reader is tormented and book hungover until the release of it.

Another thing about this novel is the fantasy/dystopia blend. It is perfectly balanced with a side of angsty romance. Glass Sword didn't focus on the romance which I love, and really delved in the world building and the developing abilities of Mare and her army. 

There is lots of fighting, murder, scary sh*t from Maven (the evil villain I can't help but enjoy), and insane character development. 

From a 4 star rating to a 5 star, Glass Sword is a novel that will keep you on the edge of your seats. I strongly recommend reading this series!!

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Published by Michelle Hong