It takes strength to be proud of yourself and to accept yourself when you know that you have something out of the ordinary about you.

** Trigger Warning: rape & suicide attempt.

This book was quite an emotional roller coaster, and in my opinion is such an important read for it deals with with and discusses issues that are not always addressed- specially in our community since I am middle eastern – like inter-sexuality and rape.
Max Walker has always been the “golden boy”. athletic, well mannered, a great brother and the perfect son. But what nobody knows is that Max is intersex, something so big but is not addressed or discussed even with his parents; until Max gets raped and his world gets turned upside down.

“sometimes I feel like that there are two of me: one clean, flawless picture, the other imperfect and cracked; one boy, one girl; one voice that speaks aloud and one that whispers in my ear.

The rape incident puts Max face to face with his condition; guilt, confusion and sadness flood him. And all the issues that were never discussed in his family start taking front seat, creating tension and tearing them apart.
I’m not usually a fan of multi-perspective books, but in this one I felt like it was necessary to be able to get the whole picture, to see the way something like this affects the whole family instead of just one person.

But then I realise that I am whole, whatever that means and does not mean; I am complete without the need for additions or alterations.

This book was such a powerful read, it shows the importance of self-acceptance and concentrated on the consequences of rape on individuals and families.
A lot of medical terms were mentioned in the book which slows it down a bit, but is highly important due to the lack of awareness revolving around inter-sexuality and gender identity in our community.

★★★★☆ 4.5/5 stars !

Published by Kawther Ghassrah