Since the temperatures have dropped drastically and winter is coming, it was time to get Dorian a coat. He gets cold pretty fast, especially during on leash walks or when we take a break. I decided to go with the Hurtta winter dog coat in blue since its supposed to hold up during bad weather and is water and wind proof, as well as being warm. It's an older design and is now replaced with the summit park (which I have my eyes on right now), but if you can get your hands on it, I recommend it. Here is why!

Dorian wears the size 33 cm. Hurtta sizes can be a bit hit or miss, and Dorian is slim and slightly long so its a bit tricky. I chose the size for the back length, which is 33cm. It’s a bit broad across the chest and the clip that attaches around the stomach is on it’s smallest (hence the long straps), but he needs the length. I do love the in between option, as 30 would have been too short, but 35 way too big. I think they suggest a 27cm for papillons, but as always I advise to measure your dog and not follow the suggestions without measuring first. I’m lazy and just went with backlength, which probably isn’t the smartest idea but I was lucky this time and I’m happy about the fit.

There are a few different options for adjusting the coat. There is a neck cord to adjust, faux fur which you can fold up if you want more coverage. I keep it down most of the time since he wears a collar that I take off when he goes off leash, but its a good option for when its colder. It’s fleece lined and warm without being bulky, and he seems to think it’s comfortable. I almost wish I could wear it.

The only negative thing is that its too bulky for a harness, although found a solution by  attaching the leash to the stomach strap. I probably wouldn’t recommend it for heavier dogs or dogs that pull, but for when I need to leash him quickly and just for a little while, I haven’t found its been a problem. I also lift him by it if he needs assistance climbing up or down from rocks or if I need to pick him up, but probably dont do that. It’s probably not meant for that use, but it’s so handy :p

It keeps him warm, and I give a huge plus for the stomach flap. Little dog = close to the ground and with tall snow, its natural that he gets cold fast. The stomach flap keeps him relatively dry underneath his stomach which means less to dry off when we get home. Also, he pees all over his stomach all the time, so he pees over the stomach flap. Which means the jacket smells horrible after one use, but I chuck it in the wash and I’m good. That’s not a fault of the jacket, Dorian literally manages to pee on everything because he has a need to lift his leg up really high. It does mean I always look for things that is safe to be washed in a machine, because I certainly dont want to handwash anything :p

It’s comfortable for him and doesn’t slow him down. He can run, roll around in the snow, climb and play with other dogs without a problem. Unlike some of the other ridiculous things I put him in to keep him warm (totoro costume), it doesn’t bother him at all. He had a playdate in it and he didn’t even notice it was there.

All in all, I really enjoy this jacket. The quality is great, its durable and comfortable for Dorian. I generally enjoy hurtta products and this didn’t let me down either. I would like an option for attaching a leash or a built in harness, but I think they now have some coats with that option which is great!

Just a little note at the end: Please don’t judge me for dressing my dog. If your dog gets cold: put some clothes on him/her. Dorian will wear it around -0 to -5 degrees celcius, depending on if there is wind/snow and how much running he is doing. I see no need in letting my dog freeze when I can just put a coat on him when he is much happier.

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