Keaton Henson’s music is enchanting in its intimacy. It makes you feel as though you are trespassing, as he reveals the bare bones of himself. And his poetry is no different.

This collection of poems and drawings was composed over the past three years, and are stories of ‘’lost love, touring, reclusion and new found renown.’’

The poems tend to be melancholic, personal affairs as opposed to writing about wider issues, and in that way is reminiscent of his lyrics. They are honest and heart-felt, with many beautiful lines such as:

‘’I’m smoking a lot / and starting to doubt / If I’m breathing you in / or smoking you out.’’

‘’Teach me of how it must feel to be home / And love a place so much you’re never alone / To take it for granted, and walk in its days / But need it like sleeping when you’ve gone away.’’


‘’Those whose words need breaking down / Like prose discarded, written late / With hair unclean from fingertips / I love those who aren’t afraid to hate.’’

I enjoyed all of the poems and many of them resonated with me, so I am sure to be re-reading them time and time again. Highlights of Idiot Verse for me include I’m With You, On Touring, The Pugilist, Hiding It, Richmond, Insomnia, and New Year’s Eve With Tennyson.

The beauty of Idiot Verse lies in its heart-breaking honesty, particularly in poems such as On Touring and Hiding It.

However, while the poetry itself is undoubtedly beautiful and moving, it may be appreciated more by fans of Keaton Henson or those who enjoy a melancholic style than by more ardent poetry readers. 

Published by Erin Deakin