A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get my hands on Jeffree Star's Beauty Killer eye shadow palette and Skin Frost highlighter in Ice Cold, but I have postponed writing about the them until I had really became familiar with the products. So they have been in my possession for around a month now and I have been using the products at any given chance!


I'm going to begin by talking about the Beauty Killer palette purely because I am more familiar with eye products and I don't have an extensive collection of highlighters to fully criticise the Skin Frost Highlighter. My first thoughts when I looked at the Beauty Killer palette was 'how the fuck do I use this?' It's definitely not a palette for the faint hearted, but the colour selection is beautiful. The palette is packed with vibrant warm colours from pinks to purples. This is balanced out with warm neutral tones such as Courtney, China White and Vanity. Then to really throw you off, there is a turqouise green called Expensive thrown into the mix. Overall, I think it's quite clear that I don't think the palette is the most cohesive - it's not a dream mix and match collection, but you can create some interesting looks with the colours.

The palette includes a whole spectrum of textures including mattes, shimmers and glitters. The only two colours that I haven't used on my eyes yet are Star Power and Expensive. However, I have swatched them and I can see that Star Power is typical of a neon pink - it stains the skin slightly. While Expensive is a beautiful shimmering turquoise. The only colour I was truly disappointed by in the palette was Rich Bitch, which is the gold sparkle. I found it quite difficult to work with and apply. Wetting the brush did help slightly, but ultimately it doesn't provide the amount pigmentation that I was hoping for. China White also lacks pigmentation, even though I, myself am very pale, it is difficult to notice it on the lid, and it requires quite a lot of product to build it up. It's not all bad news, there are some lovely shades in the palette. Courtney has been my favourite shade to reach for, I have probably used it in every look that I have created with the palette so far. The shades Violence and Confession are also very beautiful and unique shades that I really enjoy reaching for. 


The packaging for the palette is quite minimalistic. You slide the palette from a a vibrant pink box, and what emerges is a cardboard packaging in baby pink with the JStar logo, and the words "beauty killer" in an elegant swirly font. When you open the palette there is a relatively large mirror which is ideal for on the go. It also contains magnets to keep the palette shut. You will also notice that the pan sizes are quite large in comparison to your average eye shadow palette, but on closer inspection you will notice they are not particularly deep, so it is likely there is not as much product as you would first expect. Overall, I do like the packaging, as it is minimalist, it contrasts with the bold nature of the palette. It allows the consumer to focus on the over the top colour range.

Moving on, I want to briefly discuss the Skin Frost Highlighter. As previously mentioned I don't have an extensive collection of highlighters to effectively review the product. But I wanted to give an overview of my thoughts, regardless. The packaging looks like a Barbie product. It is hot pink casing containing a large compact mirror and the highlighter in the shade Ice Cold. The first thing I noticed about the colour was that it had a sort of had a white gold hue - so it wasn't as 'ice cold' as I anticipated. Nevertheless, I do like this as a highlighter, it is super pigmented so it gives your cheeks a real pop. Yet, it does cling to any dead skin or any other imperfections that you may have. Ultimately, I like this as a highlighter. I enjoy the strong pigmentation, and the shade is light enough for my pasty Scottish skin, so the faults for me are easy to overlook.

It can be drawn that Jeffree Star's most recent releases are decent. I am very enthused by the Skin Frost highlighters, but on the other hand, the Beauty Killer eyeshadow palette is a bit of a hit and miss. There are some lovely colours within that palette, but some of them just aren't up to scratch. Rich Bitch and China White could have been executed much better, and the colour choice throughout the palette could have been more cohesive. With that said, there are  also some beautiful colours to choose from, which have a delicate creamy texture. It is just unfortunate that not all of the shades met my expectations. 

Have you used either of products?
What do you think of the Jeffree Star controversy?
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Published by Sarah Shields