Besides the Black Sugar Mask, I have also grabbed the Rice Mask Wash Off from Skin Food!

If you haven’t heard of this mask, you’re definitely missing out from knowing popular Korean skincare products. Besides the famous Black Sugar mask which I also made a review of (you can read it here), this product has also brought a lot of hyped among Korean skincare lovers!

I got this product for RM20 (USD 5); it retails in normal stores for RM 40 (USD 10), but I managed to snag it for a cheaper price! This product has 100 grams, which is a lot! I honestly think this tub can last me for quite a long time!

So, as off the looks of the product; it’s basically the same as the Black Sugar mask. It comes in a minimalistic translucent container with a sticker label on top. Nothing special. What bothers me about the product, yet again, is that it doesn’t come with a spatula. So, I’d recommend you to one or, well, a butter knife like I do. Haha.πŸ™‚


The product, however, is white and a little grainy. The graininess comes from the rice, when you use it there’s definitely some rice sticking out of it. It also smells divine, a little like floral scented hand cream. Below is a picture of the product on my hand. It also has more of a creamy texture to it, so it feels a little bit like lotion.


A little bit about the product: it is said to be a wash-off mask containing rice extract that moisturises skin and brightens tone. With its texture of ground rice, it leaves skin bright, soft and lustrous.

That being said, after using the product, I definitely have found a difference with my skin. My skin feels very moisturised, softer and smoother, and brighter. So, the product really does work! I feel glowy after using it and it makes me feel like an angel. Hahaha.πŸ˜€ Another thing about the product is that the rice grains could be used to exfoliate your face slightly. It doesn’t really clear off dead skin completely, but it sure does help with your face anyway. Plus, it contains real rice in it. So, all in all, I would say that this product is really good and is true to their intentions as a face mask!

One downside of the product is that although there is a result of “glowiness” on the skin after use, it does not last for long. Honestly, I would say that it lasts up to a day or less. Besides that, I think spreading the mask onto the face is a little awkward. Due to the grains of the mask, I feel like the mask looks a little sparse on the face. But, as long as you feel it on the face and have enough on, I guess it should be fine.

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-24 at 22.57.20.jpeg

How it is used:
Basically, you put the mask on after cleansing and toning the face. Spread it on evenly. Leave it on till it’s completely dry (15-20 minutes). And finally, rub in circular motions when washing the mask off to use as a very light exfoliator.

Verdict: 9/10
It moisturises the skin well, and makes it feel more smooth and soft. It also makes your skin glow and lightens it. The downside is that the “glowiness” doesn’t last long and it does not contain a spatula so that’s unhygienic. I would still highly reccomend this mask to anyone!

Have you heard of this product? Do you know the brand SkinFood or any sort of Korean beauty brands? Tell me in the comments! I hope you’re having a wonderful day


Published by Sylvia S.