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Boasting one of the most bizarre co-labs to ever happen in punk music, Every Time I Die‘s 9th studio album Low Teens is an incredible mix of thrashing guitar, heavy drums, and slick vocals that have defined the metalcore titans.

This is one of best albums I’ve listened to this year, and possibly my new favourite Every Time I Die album. Low Teens is an album bursting with humour, anger, and Every’s playful lyrics that have made this band so lovable.

By far, the best track is the much talked about It Remembers featuring Panic! At The Disco‘s Brendon Urie. Urie’s powerful vocals combined with lead vocalists Keith Buckley‘s in-your-face voice create an incredible mix of old school rock and modern metalcore. The video is a sexy, fever-dream featuring Urie, the desert, and a mysterious party full of beautiful strangers. Everything rock and roll.


It Remembers is one of the most mellow tracks on an album that really packs a punch. The only criticism I have of this album is the same I have of all Every Time I Die’s albums; at times there’s no breaks between thrashing track after thrashing track. They can begin to blend into one long cacophony.

But then there’s songs like C++(Love will get you killed), I Didn’t Want to Join your Stupid Cult Anyway, Two Summers, and Fear of Trembling which show off the diverse talents of this band, blending their pulsing drum lines and soulful vocals.

Low Teens is a strong contender for best metalcore album of 2016, maybe one of the best rock albums of this year.



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