One of my favorite beauty stores is LUSH. The natural ingredients treat my skin and hair much better than drugstore alternatives, which I've used for years. Plus, these products give me peace of mind knowing they're not as pumped up with chemicals. So, on the occasion when I walk (run) into LUSH, I find it acceptable to splurge. You know, for health benefits.

One product I picked up on a recent trip was the new Avocado Co-wash. The woman helping me pick out some new bits mentioned a co-wash is typically 80% conditioner, and 20% shampoo. I've been using this solely as a conditioner for that reason.  

My verdict: this product isn't as great as I was hoping it would be. The conditioning aspect doesn't have enough hydration for my hair, especially after having dyed it recently. If anything, right after stepping out of the shower it feels as though I forgot to condition my hair. Combing it out is a task, when is atypical with my fine hair. The shampoo bars are so, so effective with my hair, making this product highly disappointing.

If you know of any hydrating LUSH conditioners, let me know!

xx Sarah


Published by Sarah Polech