Blurb Curvy girl Pepper is accustomed to flying under everyone’s radar. Being a big girl hasn’t led to many dates or exciting adventures. All of that was about to change. Through the small-town rumor mill, Pepper learns her old teenage crush just moved back to town. Jason was the star quarterback, prom king, and also Pepper’s neighbor from across the street. One day he sees Pepper out mowing the lawn and makes her an offer of no-strings attached, no-holds barred sex that has the potential to benefit them both. Nothing quite turns out the way either of them thought it would. look inside and find out what happens when the simple act of mowing the lawn turns into so much more… WARNING: This story contains a plentiful amount of graphic sex scenes (over EIGHT of them…yes, I counted…including ones involving Barbeque Sauce, Pirates, Ice Cubes, and Handcuffs). They are all M/F and absolutely consensual. If you’re looking for a sick, twisted, dark tale – please go elsewhere, you will NOT find it here. All my stories come with a guarantee that you will crack a smile, find a happily-ever-after ending, and never have to deal with an annoying cliffhanger. There’s also no cheating, no love triangles, no unicorns, and no murder. 5 Stars!!! I must thank the author for kindly providing me with a copy of this book. Yet again another fantastic read that I can't rate high enough. I've come to the conclusion very quickly that I'm addicted to Grace Risata's writing I haven't read one of her book that I haven't loved and their always guaranteed to make me laugh. Pepper's been use to being ignored and is use to having people make jokes about her curves so when her high school crush rolls back into town and wants a no strings attached deal with her, her first thought is it's a prank but she couldn't be more wrong. Jason opens her to what she's been missing and gives her the confidence that she lacked. Somewhere along  the lines their deal starts to get complicated and Pepper's not sure what Jason actually wants. Will he break her heart or be her knight in shining armor? I couldn't recommend this book more and I can't wait to see what Grace writes next!

Published by Nikki Gunnett