I bought this product a few months ago upon seeing an advert about it on the TV, so I decided to buy it and give it a try and see if it was as good as it was advertised, It works really well and removes make-up very well, but I’d still use make-up wipes for my mascara on my eyes, as it irritated my eyes when I tried to remove Mascara with it.

I only use this now if I have to correct my eyeliner, then i use it with a cotton bud to remove the dodgy flicks of my eyeliner, so I only use this now if I need to correct my make-up.

The only downside I’d say about this product is that it’s really oily, so it’s really oily round your eyes so I would only use it for eye make-up corrections rather than to completely remove it.

It’s fun to use as you have to shake it up really well before use, so that can also help with a bit of calorie burning haha.

I give this product a rating of 3/5 stars as I don’t like the oily feeling afterwards as it irritates my eyes if you put too much on a cotton bud

Published by Holly Siggins