4.5 Stars I must thank netgalley for providing me with an advance read copy of this book Another fantastic book in the second circle tattoos series. The darkest link has it all romance, drama and a happy ending. Lia has stopped looking for forever, she falls in love to easily and always ends up getting hurt so when her car breaks down and a handsome stranger comes to rescue her maybe a one time deal is just what she needs, but maybe one time is easier said then done. Lia soon realises just how entwined her and Reid's lives are and suddenly someone is out to hurt Lia and Reid keeps coming to her rescue, maybe he might just be the one to trust with her heart. Reid's been running from his past for a long time but he's never escaped the guilt he feels for leaving his sister. Reid always steers away from relationships but one night with Lia and he's completely hooked, she makes him want and feel things he's long since forgotten and she may just be the one to help him heal and finally move on with his life including facing his sister. When a series of events are too much of a coincidence for Reid's liking he will do anything in his power to protect Lia and find out who's responsible. He may even be losing his heart to Lia in the mean time. This is an amazing book of Lia's journey but is still entwined with the other books and characters in the series. Don't miss out The darkest link is out 30th August 2016 For more check out my blog www.lostinsweetwords.wordpress.com

Published by Nikki Gunnett