Title: The Tethering Author: Megan O'Russell RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ REVIEW: This book was sent to me for a review. One thing that will make your read this book is that it is very beautiful, if your are a fan of Harry Potter you'll definitely love this one. This book is full of magic. The characters Jacob and Emi are well developed characters. And for Dexter lol he is really annoying, really!. I wasn't a magic person but honestly this book is so amazing. To be honest I have jotted down the spells they cast in the book and and practice saying it myself. It was fun to read a book like this. The author made a job well done. How I wish I have magical powers like the characters. The last chapters of this book is breathtaking gosh I thought they are going to die (ops! Sorry for being a little spoiler) I highly recommend this one to you guys! This is really a good book for all bookworms. One thing I just want to tell to the author is that she should write a sequel. Pretty please?? This book gave me motivation to hangout more with books involved with MAGIC!

Published by Mellanie Domingo