Holy cow!! That was soooo good!! The writing was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I'm so freaking impressed!

Shazi and Khalid are the best characters for this story. Shazi has some epic storytelling skills and those stories she tells Khalid were divine. This definitely shows the writing skills of Renee Ahdieh and her ability to engage the audience with Shazi's stories and of course, her personality. Shazi is loyal, snappy, and full of sarcastic sass that puts Khalid in his place. I'M LOVING HER TO BITS. Any character that is sassy as hell connects with me on a deeper level. 

Khalid just oozes power and SEXINESS. He's a scary man with a big heart. The Wrath & The Dawn was written in multiple POVs so we do get scenes in his POV which I LOVED. This was a great surprise and it raised the angst and suspense because why is Khalid a broken king? Why do I love him so much?! Khalid is up there on my lists of BBFs (Book Boyfriends). It's even better when the BBF is more than what meets the eye. This isn't surface level eye candy. The backstory and depth of this character makes this book a little more personal. 

THE LOVE STORY ITSELF GETS TEN BILLION STARS. I loved the angst, loved their relationship and mixed in with the devastation of Khalid's choices, Shazi's situation, and lovely characters, it was an emotional read. 

This is definitely one of my top 2016 YA read. I recommend this book to those who want a heart-rending romance, a healthy amount of fantasy and magic, and characters that will walk right into our lives and claim our ever willing book nerd hearts.

The Wrath & the Dawn is a mindblowing, poignant novel that effortlessly blends magic and romance together. This enchanting twist on 1001 Arabian Nights will keep readers on the edge of their seats, craving a happy ending (and answers) from the characters and the author.

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