This review is probably like a buy one get one free offer! You see, this is actually going to be about two different products that I happen to be using together.

The first one is a program called voicebot which I am using to control the game Skyrim. So, I am probably going to be reviewing the two together as they are both new to me.

I think the first thing that I need to say is that when I started playing I could not get the voice control to work and so I was actually trying to play it using the keyboard. Now, if you have ever tried to play this game on the computer you would know that the controls are incredibly difficult and that there are several of them. However, I was fairly surprised when I actually managed to escape the first city when the Dragon attacked. (I am not a very good game player on the PC or any type of console so that one actually impressed me a lot more than it would have done anybody else!)

Then I got hold of the technical support for the voice control and now I have managed to make it do various things. I can crouch, run, sprint, activate (talk/open door/steal), jump, save, open bag, and even open the magic menu. I have not yet worked out how to do all of the different shouts (or even one) but I know that this is possible if I can just figure out the keystrokes needed to program in.

Playing using voice has increased my speed and I am able to play the game without worrying where my hands need to be. I would say it is a definite improvement and I would be recommending this program to anybody else who struggles to control a game using keys or consoles.

As for the game itself, I am definitely enjoying running through all of the different quests. At the moment I have managed to get myself into the dark Brotherhood where I am a hired assassin. This definitely helps you to get the money which you need to be able to survive through the experience of learning skills or even hiring help when it comes to battles.

The graphics are absolutely amazing, and the soundtrack is definitely one of the best that I have experienced. (Although to be fair my experience of gaming is generally the Sims, or worms!)

I would definitely say that now I have discovered voice control I will be trying a lot more games in the future!

Thanks for reading this far along, if you have any questions about these programs then feel free to ask me in the comments. Please like my work, and if you have any suggestions for other games to try then let me know all about them :-) I look forward to that!

Published by Angie Trafford