Emerging from beneath the busy tasks of the day 
I surface gasping for air 
searching for The Living Breath of God 
to aerate and resuscitate my soul
Spontaneously, inhaling the Word, I read
A former desire, a necessity
My blood transformed to process its essence into oxygen 
pumping through my veins, feeding a hungry, starving soul 
I am dependent upon the turn of each page for survival
I inhale.....the air is clean
I inhale.....the air is pure
undefiled by man
Head tilted back, nostrils flared
I prepare to fill my lungs 
bracing myself for the true source of the wind
My soul leaps out, spread like a sail
and I yield to The Master of Wind and Waves
Adrift no longer 
set upon a new course
sailing wherever He may lead


Mishael T

Published by Mishael T