Trophies help in keeping up the player's spirit. After every game player scoring the top three positions that should be awarded a medal or a trophy. If a person achieves something, they will like to keep their moment alive for a long time, so that they can live this moment again, later in their lives. It helps in keeping the sportsman’s essence alive and work as a motivation for them. When you hold the trophy in your hand, it feels like the arduous work has paid off. If you are one of the organizers of the sports event, make sure that you arrange such awards for the winners. 

Now the question arises, what type of trophy will be suitable? As there is a wide range of trophies, it might be challenging for you to select one. Here is the complete guide of some of the types of trophies:

  • Crystal trophies

Crystal trophies are considered to be the noble ones. They come in unique shapes, and the most amazing fact is that you can make them in customized shapes and sizes. Some of the most top players have been awarded by one of these. They are designed according to the occasion like if it is football championship, the trophy will be molded in the shape of a football, etc. you might have spotted one of these football trophies in one of your local and international tournament. The best part is that they are not so expensive, so if you are organizing an event on a small level, you can easily afford one of these.

  • Crystal cups

Crystal is one of the leading material used for making trophies and medals. As they make everything royal, giving them some aesthetically pleasing effects. A person who has won a special prize should feel the specialty while holding the trophy in his hands. These cups can be made according to your requirements. They come in various sizes and shapes. You can modify the whole look according to your need and the entire theme of the game. You can add the coloring you want. If you're going to give it an extra special, you can add metal too. Forgiving it more professional look you can add personalized plaques, at the bottom of the cups.

  • Medals

Most of the people prefer medal over the trophy. It is all up to your personal choice, both have the same importance. For centuries it has been the rule, first position taker was awarded a gold medal, second position holders with silver and the third position holders with bronze one. You can go with the same choice if you want to but if your budget does not allow such type of expenditure, you can have personalized medals made in much less amount. You can use crystal, acrylic, silver, stainless, steel, and so on. It is better than the medal is engraved with the winner’s name. It is not possible to arrange, you can get it engraved with a message, a motto, a sign or customized plaques.

  • Metallic statues

This too is one of the most common forms of trophies. If you sport uses any kind of ball, it will true the events in your favor. You can get one of the best designs in this case. Most of the time it is the player who is holding the ball up for example if it a cricket game, you can get it in the shape of the person who is bowling or if it is a golf completion, you can make it in the form of the person holding the golf stick. The better option is to have plaques, that contains the winner's name and completions name on it.  

Published by Mohammad Shoaib