As Max is growing fast, he is developing into his own little character a little too well!  So it was suggested that I get a Reward Chart, and it seems to be working.

It arrived last week, and he has already gone from three stars to six, which I think is a big achievement in such a short period of time. There are seven stars he is able to collect in total in one day:

  1. I will brush my teeth
  2. I will behave when collected from preschool (at the weekends, ……
  3. I will behave in the bath/put dirty clothes in laundry
  4. I will sit down to eat my meals (he runs around a lot!).
  5. I will use nice words/not argue
  6. I will dress myself for bed
  7. I will help to tidy my toys

Now here’s the fun part. If he achieves four stars in a day, he will receive his beloved Kinder Egg. If he achieves six stars in a day, he receives a small bag of sweets. Finally, if he receives seven stars in a day, he not only gets the treats, but he is will be allowed to go to bed a little later than his usual time.

Needless to say, he is having difficulty with the fifth point, so he has not yet been able to achieve the full seven stars. It has only been a week. I’m sure he will get there. To elaborate more on this point, it is not that I do not wish for him to express himself. Quite the opposite actually. I am just trying to make him understand that if he is unhappy about something, we can talk about, rather than shout and throw tantrums.

I have also added Acts of Kindness, as I have noticed he has been hugging his preschool friends and being nice to them in general, as well as asking me if I need help when I am doing something. Not to mention, he checks my temperature by putting his hand on my forehead to make sure I’m not too hot, and so forth. For this, I have not yet decided what reward he will get, but I will have to think of something fast as the end of the week is almost upon us!


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