The next time where you feel absolutely crappy, tired, sleepy, hungry, procrastinating, stressed, or out of it – use THAT TIME specifically to do your habit. This will give your brain a message clear as day of “hey, this is getting done, and nothing can get in my way because I’m unstoppable”.


Newsflash: The work you’re doing from your habit does not have to be “the best that it can be”.


It’s inevitable you’re going to have days where you feel totally off – in fact, most days can feel like this. The importance is the focus on actually doing the habit anyways.

By flushing any excuses down the toilet and just doing the habit, you could do it horribly but that’s not the point. The goal is train your bodies schedule to adopt the habit, even if you’re having an off day.

You WILL not feel like doing your habits at times

You’ll be in a shitty mood, feeling lazy, and unproductive.

Maybe you’ll want to do your habit only when you’re in a positive mindset because “doing your habit is a good thing”.


Treat getting your habits done as robotic – almost binary. Remove all that emotional and mental clutter with doing them, and just DO THEM.

There is only one option – you either get them done or you don’t get them done. 1 or 0. Use every inch of your life to do them. Make today a 1. 0 is just not an option at this point.

Not being in the mood for doing your habits is the true test of your reputation and character.

True leaders do what they gotta do when they have the LEAST motivation to do it. In fact, that’s the point where they grow to a whole another level of being a leader.

Be that kind of person, and just do your habits, every damn day.


Stay hungry stay humble.


Source: Ariel Banayan on Partners in Grind

Published by Gerardus Gilang