My husband usually does the grocery shopping and so I choose from the fridge which meat to defrost. Tonight I am skipping the baseball game just to cook because it has been a while since we've eaten anything but fast food. I'm starting with frozen rib eye steaks. When I unwrap the frozen steaks I season them with a good bit of salt and pepper only. I find that if you add any other seasoning the flavor of the meat is masked. I leave the steaks on the counter top until they're defrosted.

While waiting for the steaks to defrost, I heat up the cast iron grill on my stove top and oil it with vegetable oil. This grill is fantastic for those times I can't do it outside, for whatever reason. Steaks or burgers or chicken really come out just as good as they do on the big pit outside. The steaks finally defrosted completely, so I turned the fire on the grill to high and when really hot I put them on. We like our steaks medium well so I cooked them for about 3 minutes per side.

I decided to make good old macaroni and cheese. To kick it up a bit, after I prepared it as per the instructions on the box, I stirred in some shredded cheddar, spooned it into a pan and topped it with more cheddar. Then I placed it under the broiler until the cheese was slightly browned.

I like a green salad with steak because I find it complements the flavor perfectly. I'm happy with the results because my son said the food was really good! Not bad for steaks on a budget!!!

Published by Gina Smith