Ben says you want to know that Richmond is cool, and my About page sounds like “Making the most of not being in New England.” I think he’s right. And I think Richmond is cool.

I can summarize why Richmond captures me more than other cities whose names you know. Most real cities have a riverwalk, a downtown, a square, a restaurant district, or any number of fun places you can show your friends, when they visit. And then your friends had better go back home, before they realize there isn’t anything else to show them. Richmond is endless. Visit me as many times as you want, and we’ll keep discovering new fun.

I exaggerate my opinions; however, I find exaggeration of reality tiresome and destructive. (Case in point.) So let me be honest — we aren’t rushing about discovering RVA, like adventurous hipsters. My typical evening starts at the gym, and ends with a salad and Netflix. But pretty frequently, we get off the sofa and go to find fun times.

Maybe this blog will tell myself, as much as anyone else, what I’m realizing. Yes, I’m a Yankee (No, I won’t bring that up in every post.), but outside the Big Apple, Richmond is my favorite city. I really think it is.

Published by Bethany Lansing