Dear Reader,

Sometimes I find myself lost in another world, where the skies are filled with hues of pink and I am soaring through the sky. Sometimes I sit in front of my laptop and wonder, can I really make a difference? Sometimes, I find myself running as fast as I can push my body, to somewhere I don't even know exists; maybe I would find an adventure, maybe I could find freedom.

As I sit here, imagining what I could possibly say, write, and express to you; I realize that there was one thing I found wrong, that it wasn't from my heart. Sure, I could write you an essay on what is going on around in the country, in the world; but if it wasn't from my heart, did it mean anything really? Did it reach you at all?

So, as I sat here I came to the conclusion that you wanted to hear from my heart; after all, this is what My Trending Stories is about. So, the word the is before you, is ride.

I know that life piles up so many horrendous stories, so many bad feelings, and I feel it's gotten to the point where we don't even want to go outside. I know that the news has not only been upsetting, it has been depressing.

So, I want to encourage you to let it all go; for me, that is through prayer and repentance. I encourage you to get rid of the things that have been stressing you out, to get rid of the things you don't actually need, and to go out in search of the truth that your mind needs comfort in.

This isn't as easy as it is to say, just the other day I spent my time going through my clothes, and I have spent a week going through and getting rid of stuff I don't wear or stuff I feel doesn't respect my body. Most of these decisions were difficult to make, but now that it's done, I feel the weight begin to brush off my shoulders as I begin to ride.

I am riding down a road, I am not sure where it leads; but as long as I follow the pink hues in the sky, I know I will be alright.

Dear Reader,

How do you ride?




Published by Ashley Chapman