I am an AVID smart phone user. I bought my newest one, the new iPhone 6s Rose Gold, just a little while ago. Whenever I'm on the road, with not data or wireless internet, one of my favorite things to do is play games on my phone. My younger brother loves playing all of the coolest games (and watching the videos that YouTubers post about said games) so I also try them out because I'm always looking for new games to play. Road trips can be extremely boring.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Two Dots
This game is incredibly simple. All you have to do is connect at least two dots of the same color (which cannot be diagonal) until you complete whatever goal the level gives you. If you make a square of the same color dots, it will clear the field of all the dots of that color. 

What makes this game so addicting is how simple it is to play, yet how challenging the levels can be! I am constantly torn between wanting to throw my phone in frustration and trying one more time. When you get so close to winning, but don't, you have this desire to not give up. Since the game only gives you five lives, you do have to give up eventually, but that isn't right now sister! 

On a scale of 1-10 I give it a solid six. The game isn't all that exciting, but it IS incredibly simple and can be competitive if you get others into it. Plus the game's design is adorable.


Angry Birds (any version)
So earlier this year, a movie about this famous game was made that my brother was dying to see. The game has the user aiming birds with various powers at a shoddily built structure each level in order to kill the piggies trying to steal the eggs. You are given a set number of birds and only in one order, so planning is key. The less amount of birds it takes to knock down the structure and kill the piggies gives you more points and more stars.

The powers the birds have depends on the version of the game. The Star Wars Version, for example, differs slightly from the original. 

The game is simple in essence, but takes a little bit of skill and timing that makes it fun for anyone. The need to unlock other levels has the user banging their head on a wall when that last piggy doesn't die like the others.

(Also those little suckers are incredibly smug when you can't kill them, making the need to play again and again more powerful)

I give this game an 8/10, especially since the maker has revamped the game again and again with other versions, making it something that really can't get old.


Candy Crush Saga
Okay, so this game is pretty similar to Bejeweled and all the other match the shapes/colors/candies games in the world, but this one is my favorite in particular. Basically, you have to swipe a candy piece left, right, up, or down in order to get it to line up with three, four, five, etc. candies of the same type. Depending on how many you get in a row, or how they are lined up, the candy will change into a power-up:

- Four of the same candies in a row make a striped candy that, when matched with candies of the same type, wipes out an entire column or row of candy (depending on the direction the stripes on the candy 

- Lining up the pieces in a plus sign, a 'T', or an 'L' will give you a wrapped candy, which will blow up nearby pieces.

- Five or more in a row of the same type will give you a color bomb candy. This candy will zap any candy you switch it with all across the board. (So if you switched it with a red candy, all the red candies would be zapped)

The special candies can also be combined to make a super special candy.

This game is so addicting because the games itself is simple. The user only has to swipe the candies, making the game delightfully mind numbing when life gets hectic or stressful. I usually play it when I'm trying to clear my head if I get stuck on a blog post or article. Definitely helps me.

It can be pretty addicting because, from my experience at least, the game is extremely aggravating when you can't clear a level in a certain number of moves, especially if you've had a very lucky round, filled with power ups. That moment of well I was THIS close so next time I'll definitely get it puts the user in a loop of playing over and over until you run out of lives to use. They regenerate in twenty minutes each..

(Just enough time for me to move on to something better for my sanity and health)



Zombie Tsunami
I'm going to be perfectly honest; I haven't actually played this game in a while now. In fact, I nearly forgot about it. Basically all you have to do is lead a horde goofy green zombies through the city, tapping the screen to jump over holes in the ground. The game is silly and if you're really good, never ending.

It's so addicting for me because it can be crazy competitive. Most people have a desire to be better than anyone at something, even if that something is tapping the screen to jump little green zombies over holes in the city. Plus, you can compete with yourself each time you turn it on. 

The game also gives little awards for certain achievements the user reaches throughout the game (Jump over three holes with 10 zombies, kill 5 zombies, etc).  So much going for such a simple game.



Jetpack Joyride
This game is extremely similar to Zombie Tsunami. In this game, you are a boy named Barry flying through a laboratory collecting coins to buy cool gadgets and outfits. There are power-ups throughout the game to assist you in collecting coins, avoiding the zappers, flying farther, and completing goals. When you do complete the levels (there are about 50 I think), the levels reset and you earn a badge. Each time you complete the levels, you earn another badge.

The fun literally never ends!

I personally was addicted to this game about two years ago when it first came out because everyone was playing it and I wanted to be better than my friends. It's fast paced, entertaining when you unlock certain jetpacks and power-ups, and competitive in the same way Zombie Tsunami is...you compete with yourself to go farther and collect more coins.

8/10 (one of my favorites!)


Panda Pop
I discovered this game about a year ago when I saw my mom playing it and just had to try it myself. Basically, you have to match the bubble given in the bubble blaster to a group of bubbles the same color in order to free the baby pandas. There are three power-ups in the game to make it a little bit easier (or a huge dragon when you have all three together).

What I find so addicting is, when you lose, the mother and babies all start CRYING. How can you just stop playing when the mother panda is crying on screen because you FAILED. I for one care enough about being judged to keep playing.

(I care a little too much about a fake panda mommy crying about her fake panda babies stuck in color bubbles...but I can't help it)

Solid 7/10. I literally had to delete it a few times to keep myself from going crazy over it.


Plants vs Zombies (1 & 2)
This game is more complex than any of the other games I have mentioned. For one, there are so many levels, zombies, and plants to work with. Then you have to actually have a strategy going into the level you are on because you can't just haphazardly throw plants on the plots and expect to win.

(Believe me....I tried this)

The levels vary in the goal to complete the level. Sure, you still have to kill all the zombies, but sometimes you might also have to protect a certain plant. My favorite is where you get a constant flow of random plants to place on the field. It gets hectic but it's perfect for my random throwing down game plan.

This game is extremely addicting. The rush of successfully holding back a horde of zombies (hmm..) is incredible, making that feeling of losing all the more painful and annoying.

9/10. Love, love, love this one!


There are just so many more than these above but these ones are my favorites. If you have any others you absolutely love and recommend me to play, please put them in the comments. I'm always looking for new games to play! 

Honorable mentions: 2048, Plague Inc., Color Switch, Fruit Ninja, Dumb Ways to Die (1 & 2), Pokemon Go, Temple Run, and Piano Tiles. 

Published by Caitlyn Booth