Since the first book of Peculiar Children trilogy, I've fallen in love over and over again. There are lots of things to fall in love, the plots, the illustration, and the characters. 

I love how Ransom Riggs gather the pictures from some kind flea market and developed stories from them. How he made those black and white pictures not as scary as they look. Behind each of the photographs lies sad and despair stories. Not all of them, though, but most of it. It was one of my favorite features, where he created curiosity for readers. 

As he developed the stories from those photographs, he has the most beautiful imaginations. The time loop was very fucked-up, yet it's amazing. Fucked-up in here because of how Jacob Portman had a crush (and kiss) his grandfather, Abraham, ex. It was very weird but rather sad because of the difference of time (more like the year) where Jacob and Emma live. 

Jacob Portman sure does an adorable boy, especially when Asa Butterfield portrays him in the latest movie, but my favorite will always be Hugh and Fiona. Despite they were just kids in the movie, it was still great to have the both of them with their abilities. I wish I could see more from Fiona though. 

As the books were amazing, however, the movie wasn't that great. Well, if we judged on the plot to make it more kids-friendly and Tim Burton's animation, it wasn't bad. But, as a reader, it was sort of disappointing. Not that I don't like it, I still love Butterfield even though he was too tall. 

Well, now that Tales of Peculiar is in my hand, I'm going to jump to another loop to have a moment with the peculiar children. 

Published by Ariba Pramesti