We often come into a situation of conflict when we found someone against our freedom. Every constitution enlisted some limited rights to its citizens but if look deeply into the greatness of framers or what we call their vision, that the sphere of those rights are so broad that even though they were written hundreds of years ago but best suited the present scenario as well.

But while adjudicating our rights we neglect our duties or take unnecessary advantage of our rights. Rights are not only to save our right acts but also to limit our wrong acts, as its a common tendency of human being to commit a mistake and while enjoying our rights we come into a state of surpassing our limits. They sets an ambit of morality, helps to sustain a sense of responsibility, to improve us not only among others but also within ourself.

So in my view rights are investment for us as far as we use them judicially but it won't take much time to turn into liability if we work in haste or without cognizance of our conscience.

I hope you do post your views in the comment section, what "Rights" meant for you, an investment or liability ?



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