Fans commonly believe that celebrities are immortal and they cannot die let alone too soon. However, when this happens, fans are left with no other option but to mourn and recall the amazing moments they have had over the years courtesy of those celebrities. In the past, there have been countless celebrities who have ruled millions of hearts globally and their sad death left everyone in shock. Here we will discuss some of those celebrities death which happened too soon.

Paul Walker

Paul Walker, unarguably the face of Fast & Furious series, was a fan favorite. He was a true icon and an inspiration for many all over the world. His belligerent acting and prolific characters gave him a new identity. Just when the seventh sequel of the above-mentioned movie was in the final stages of its completion, Paul Walker went through a very serious accident with one of his friends. No one could believe that Paul, who was famous for driving recklessly, would become a victim of a road accident. Clearly, Paul had so much to achieve but life didn’t allow him. He was just 31 when he passed away leaving all his fans and loved ones in tears.

Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger was a tremendous actor who was known for delivering dialogues with pure emotions and expressions. The fact that he was awarded an Oscar osthumously after his death is a significant proof of his talent. His co-actors believe that Heath would have delivered more had he lived a few more years. The reason for Heath’s death was an overdose of prescription drugs. Died at the age of just 28, Heath made the character of Joker in The Dark Knight relevant in a way that people started loving that villain persona and that role is still fresh in the minds of the fans.

River Phoenix

If you have watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, you might have seen River Phoenix creating magic as Young Indy. He also played a significant role in Stand By Me. Movie critics and analysts were of the view that River had all the elements to become the next big thing in the industry but clearly, luck and life were not on his side. He mixed morphine and cocaine and passed away outside The Viper Room, one of the most famous clubs in the Hollywood. After his death, the roles for which he was the biggest contender, were given to other actors in the likes of Christian Slater, Brad Pitt, and others.

Tupac Shakur

Born and raised in Harlem, Tupac represented west coast hip-hop in such a huge manner that he is still considered as one of the most successful rappers in history. His powerful vocals combined with a unique style of singing made him a fan favorite in no time. In his small career, he gave so many popular numbers. While being in the prison, he topped the Billboard charts and released seven albums each of which is a success story on its own. He was shot dead at the age of 25 and the reason still remains a mystery. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that he was only getting started.

Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes

Lisa was as beautiful as her name. Unlike others, the reason for her death was not drug overdose or violence but a car accident. Car accidents can happen to anyone and just like Paul Walker, Lisa “Left Eye” met her fate at the age of just 30. She was one of the finest female rappers of the industry with four studio albums under her belt. It was assumed that no other group could beat Lopes and time proved it. When she was just starting, it was curtains for all the other groups of the same genre. However, we couldn’t see more of her work due to her short life.


Just like Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez, Aaliyah death is also very heartbreaking. She died in a plane crash right after when she completed the shooting for her next music video Rock the Boat, a song which was considered to be a next big hit. Aaliyah had a very charming personality complemented by a voice many young musicians dream of having. It was also believed that she would turn into an actress but unfortunately, life had other plans. 

Published by Taslima Akter