Several decades ago when I was young, I read a science fiction short story that may have been more prophetic than I would have imagined at the time. It’s been so long since I read it that I can’t remember the title or even the name of the author. But the imagery in the story has come back to haunt me.


The story was about two very different people groups. One group, living in a region of such marginal habitability that its hardscrabble existence was barely sufficient to maintain life, had become a people who were lean, tough and nomadic. The other group lived in the midst of plenty where it was hardly necessary to lift a finger to taste the delights of life at its richest. The luxury they enjoyed led them into a sedentary lifestyle.


With the passage of time the sedentary ones became more sedentary, and softer, and fatter, and lazier. For those few who continued to produce, their inventive genius turned toward the development of fixtures and comforts that automated virtually every aspect of their lives. Eventually it became unnecessary for them to move at all. As time progressed yet further, they began to lose the ability to move.


In the meantime, the nomads developed the ability to travel swiftly over long distances, which eventually brought them into contact with the sedentaries. As they looked upon the self-disabled creatures they were filled with disgust, and hacked away at them with their swords until the entire useless group was eliminated.


What brought the harsh imagery of that story back into my mind was a segment on the news describing how some universities had created “safe” rooms where students could go to escape from hearing things that were unpleasant to them. Megan Kelly of The Kelly File on Fox news labeled the users of safe rooms “little cupcakes”, an appropriately descriptive title. For starters I would label them “useless”.


But why on earth would an institution of higher learning encourage such childish behavior on the part of its students? What possibly could motivate it to produce such a generation of self-indulgent men and women so ill-prepared to assume the mantle of responsible, productive adults? And that’s only one incident among a large and growing number of actions, like the movement to legitimize drugs and bizarre sex, that are contributing to a gross weakening of our national character.


Perhaps, God forbid, the move is deliberate, preparing us for the docility required of a more dictatorial government to the advantage of a group of control-hungry elites. If that Macchiavellian scenario has the slightest grain of truth to it, they’d better move fast, because there’s another group out there with an even more brutal agenda.


While we are turning potentially promising young men and women back into babies, we already have had some initial contact with a hardscrabble-toughened group having nomadic roots. Difficulties in their own homelands are bringing ever more of them into closer contact with us. Their leaders already have labeled us as “The Great Satan”, although they are beginning to see us as pathetically soft and childish as well.


It may not be very long before this new group reaches a level of disgust with us that they draw their swords en masse and begin hacking away.   

Published by Art Perkins