Ripped Denim

Okay, so there is an art to wearing ripped denim.  The secret is, knowing what you can and can't do, and at what age.  Basically you can rock ripped denim up until you are 40, after 40 wear the same shape jeans, just not ripped (or you'll look like a faded hollywood starlet).  Trust me I'm 45 and have had enough of the embarrassing stares to know.  I'm skinny and tall but Gwen Stefani I ain't!  I wonder what her secret is, she looks amazing.....but that's for another blog at another time.

This set is the new ripped cropped jean, and this is how to wear it.  Wear a slouchy T, that leads a slim line to the rest of the set and add a quirky heel.  Leopard skin is very now, so try it.  Wearing a dressy shoe will often make a casual outfit pub worthy.


Okay so here's ripped jeans in a casual look.  Keep the top simple and neat so you don't look like a slob.  Wear neat sneakers and there you go , a fab casual outfit.

Ripped jeans does a night out.  For this set I have chosen denim coloured sandals and a swing top in a graduated blue.  This set would be perfect for a day shopping, lunch with the girls or dinner out.


Till next blog........stay fabulous

Suuze xx



Published by Susan Crowe