Risa Chocolates is from the Spanish word "sonrisa" which means smile, our chocolates are sure to delight and put the most delicious smile on your face.


Early this year, I received a gift of Risa Chocolates enough to be shared to the entire family and some of my friends. Local handmade chocolates with sorts of unusual flavors is quite intriguing to my tastebuds but I never had the courage or effort to find and buy some. So, I was happy to receive such gift. Thanks, N!

I’m not really a fan of trying out something new and unusual, that’s why I made sure to document this and somehow challenge myself to taste something out of the ordinary sweets again.


As far as chocolate roulette goes, I’ve tasted several Risa chocolate bars, pralines and truffles and here’s what I’ve thought of them:



Bacon Chili Chocolate: This was the most intriguing out of all the chocolate bars I have. I’ve always wanted to try the bacon and chocolate mixture! As far as my hype was...(cont.)



Seventy One: Frankly, I’m not sure why it’s called ‘Seventy One’. With this chocolate bar...(cont.)



Coffee: One of the safe-tasting chocolate bars from the haul. The chocolate itself is creamy, quite tasty, not too sweet but...(cont.)



Brown Butter Milk Chocolate: This is probably the safest-tasting chocolate from the batch and obviously I loved it. Using Venezuela’s cacao beans to make really good milk chocolate, it is definitely...(cont.)



Pastillas De Pili: The well loved Pinoy Pastillas turned into chocolate! Think of real chocolate bar consistency and not the soft and sugary one. I haven’t really tried Pili nuts in my chocolate but...(cont.)


Another thing that Risa chocolates are known for are their truffles and pralines. The pralines looks too good to be eaten and the truffles are soft to touch and melts in the mouth! Their names itself is what they really taste like on the inside.



I’m a bit biased with the taste of these chocolates. Half were good, half were not. Although all of them really taste so good, I’m just not a fan of Quezo de Bola, Fruits (orange) in my chocolate, and Salted Caramel in general. 

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re a fan of these flavors then you’ll definitely enjoy eating those truffles/pralines. And for the rest, they lived up from the expectations of my taste buds.



There’s a lot more variety of chocolate I wasn’t able to taste but I’m sure they all taste and look good as well! Plus, the packaging of their chocolate is quite presentable. A nice present to be given for different occasions. 


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Published by Nicole Gabriel