Life is an endless journey and everything we do; it shapes how it is all going to work out, and whether it feels like this or not, I think we'll always continue to try and find the good in our daily surroundings.

We all have our lows and our highs, the memories we can't seem to shake off, the people we can't forgive
​as well as the feelings we catch and conceal throughout life, it's a never-ending cycle on repeat mostly.

​But with every door that closes, another opportunity will rise like the sun in our morning skies and the full moon in our starry nights. With each breath we take, it's a sign that we're exactly where we're supposed to be. No matter what life throws at you, these obstacles are simply a test of your strength
and how you deal with situations as they come.

​I've always believed that every person is strong in their own individual way, and no person is stronger nor weaker than the other. We're all human, which should make us equal beings, although at times, it feels like the opposite in terms of how we choose to express ourselves and how we choose to live.

​Beautiful things will occur and happen in due time, and eventually it will get better with patience.

Published by Mila Christiansen