The one thing that everyone with anxiety knows is that everything you do is a risk. Even the simplest of tasks.

“Am I going to have a panic attack?” and “What happens if I have a panic attack?” are the two most common questions that an anxious person asks themselves before venturing into the world. Similarly, they are the two most common thoughts that can prevent that person from taking the risk and enjoying life.

However, taking calculated risks are a necessary part of coping with anxiety; it is what helps us expand our horizons so that we do not become complete shut-ins. If we let the fear dictate what we can and can’t do life simply becomes about existing instead of actually living. As an agoraphobe, I may not be the best person to give this advice; but, I do know firsthand how miserable life can become if we become afraid of risks.

I should note, that by risk, I do not mean doing something excessive or dangerous; I simply mean, push yourself out of your a bit out of your comfort zone. For example, this past week, I pushed myself by walking to the corner store for an ice cream bar. This may seem trivial, however, a few weeks ago this would have been an impossible task for me.As a result, I broadened my perspective just a little bit; and I hope to keep building upon that success.

Ultimately, I know that the idea of risk is scary for many … especially those with anxiety. However, risks are what living is all about; risks are where our experiences come from. So, I dare my readers to set a goal and to try something new. For me, I would like to walk to the bus stop and back; which is something that gives me anxiety. Maybe, next week I will have worked myself up to taking the bus for a stop or two … small steps. Who knows.

I was inspired to write this post as part of this week’s Daily Post Discover Challenge. I hope that you have enjoyed reading this post and that I have enlightened you a little on what it is like living with anxiety.

Published by Melissa Rose