Ritual Is A New-American Restaurant Located Near The Greater Heights. The Restaurant Was Created To Be “An Expression Of Texas” And Promises A Diverse Taste With A Hint Of Southern Flare. This Sylvan Style Restaurant Is Hard To Miss, But Is Their Food A Miss? Read More To Check Out The Review Of The Ritual.


The Whole Inside Of The Restaurant Is Made From A Dark Wood That Gives The Place A Warm Touch. There Were Pretty Plants Everywhere Which Added Life. The Menu Is A Thin, Black Book That Says “Field Notes” And I Thought That Was Pretty Neat. The Bathroom Sink Had An Old-Fashioned Handle Pulley, Which Really Added To The Rustic Feel. All The Chairs Were Green And Super Comfortable, And The High-Top Chairs Were Bar Stools. A Reservation Is Needed If You Want A Regular Table.  This Roomy Restaurant Has A Dissimilar Taste In Style From Other Restaurants, Mainly Because There’s An Odd Feature. Towards The Back Of The Restaurant There Is A Butcher Room Where, While You’re Eating, You Can View Pieces Of Meat Hanging From The Ceiling. Occasionally, A Man Would Pop Into The Room And Cut Some Meat, Then Leave. The Butcher’s Room On Display Is A Quirky Idea, But It Is Unique. Above The Butcher’s Closet Was What Seemed Like A Wine Tasting Area. Next To The Butcher’s Closet Was A Brightly Lit Vintage “Oyster Bar” Sign That Seemed Like It Didn’t Belong In A Rustic Style Restaurant. A Thing I Really Liked About The Restaurant Was That On Weekends They Play Old School Jams. The Theme Of The Restaurant Was Very Nice And Extremely Unique And Overall, It’s Probably My Favorite.


Our Server Was Very Friendly And Attentive. He Happily Gave Us A History Of The Restaurant And Let Us Know That If We Had Any Questions, We Were Free To Ask. He Was Funny And Could Easily Remember Our Orders Without A Notebook. Our Food Was Brought Out Fast, And Our Drinks Were Never Empty. And When My Grandfather Asked For A Replacement Item, He Did It With Quickly And Was Not Offended.


The Restaurant Style Is Beautiful, And The Music Was Hype. Our Appetizer Was The Texas Picnic Board, Which Introduced Different Cheeses, Meats, And Deviled Eggs. My Favorite Was The Delicious Pimento Cheese, Each Item On The Picnic Board Was Complementary To Each Other. The Orange Mimosas We Drunk Was So Fresh That There Was An Abundance Of Orange Pulp In The Drinks. The Main Dish Was Something I Was Very Excited About. All Of The Set Up Before The Main Was Amazing, So I Was Extra Prepared To Taste The Ritual Burger. The Ritual Burger Consisted Of “Smoked Brisket, Bone Marrow Glaze, Deep Ellum Bleu Fondue, And Pit Onions”. The Description Itself Made My Mouth Water. It Was Set To Me And When I Took The First Bite… I Was A Little Disappointed. The Fries Were Seasoned, But Also Hard And Lukewarm. The Burger Was Humongous, Which Was Wonderful, And The Patty Itself Was Juicy And Seasoned, But Brisket Piled On Top Did Not Have A Pleasant Taste And Soaked The Bread. It Made The Burger Sloppy And After A Few Bites It Was So Soaked That I Could Only Eat The Patty. A Little Goes A Long Way, And A Small Amount Of Brisket Would Have Made The Burger Much More Enjoyable. I Was Looking Forward To This Specific Item And It Failed My Expectations. After The Main, I Indulged In Two Delicious Coffees For Dessert.



The Restaurant’s Ambiance Was Unique And Brought Warmth. I Loved The Decorations And The Hanging Meat In The Butcher’s Closet Didn’t Bother Me. The Food, However, Was Not Up To Par With What I Expected, Especially For The High Price Point. The Service Was Wonderful, Our Server Ensured We Had Our Orders Brought Out In A Timely Manner And That Our Drinks Were Always Filled. When We Needed Him He Was Always Available, And When We Were Confused On An Item He Would Explain It With No Hesitation. Overall, This Restaurant Gets A 3/5 Star Rating From Me.

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Published by Nikkol Baker