Loading his boat
With a bagful of dreams.
He set out in calm waters,
Of the river parts familiar,
To seek promising lands unknown.
As he rowed,
Waters familiar got lost fast.
Riverbanks unknown came across.
Unfamiliar boats with dreamers abound
Bumped in, jostling to find paths of their own.
Suddenly his boat entered
Waters tumultuous
And it no longer responded to his touch.
All semblance of control was gone
For the boat had become weighed.
Weighed down by bags of disappointments,
That had come aboard unbeknownst to him
As battles to get ahead were lost,
As all riverbanks he alighted upon
Served nothing but failures.
To lighten his boat;
He started emptying his bagful of dreams,
But it was futile for the dreams were light
And with each failed attempt at control,
The boat became heavier.
Drained, he finally gave up.
Blaming the now empty bag of dreams.
While the bags of disappointments sat hidden,
Burying the boat deeper in the water,
Taking the last remnants of those bountiful dreams with them.

Published by Vinayak Kesarwani