Road Regrets?

A while back ago I was on a long road trip that started in Charleston, SC. My final destination was Colorado Springs, Co. It was almost two thousand miles of road that crosses eight states, which were South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado. When I was on the Missouri part of the trip I had a lot in mind. The whole experience has been a grower and I have learned a few things. I would call these things “road regrets”, named after the song Road Regrets by Dan Mangan. Most people say “no regrets” or something to that tune. However, after driving a thousand or so miles, there are indeed regrets I had and wish to share them so we can all learn something when it comes to traveling. Here’s a few road regrets I thought of so far.

1: Time

It seems simple enough, “time”. We all have it and if you’re smart enough you would plan out your trip to maximize your travel. However, whether we like it or not, none of us ever has enough time. As Damien Rice said in his song Older Chests, “time just give me time and I’ll be fine”. Damien is spot on in his lyrics. What does this mean for the traveler? When you plan your trip in the beginning, be aware that the best made plans don’t always go through. You could plot where you want to go but due to time you just can’t make it. I always regretted making a nice itinerary and never being able to accomplish it all due to time. An example is when I was in Nashville recently I wanted to check out a breakfast place called Pancake Pantry but to my chagrin it closes early and doesn’t open early enough. I decided to forego it to make the sunrise trip to The Land Between The Lakes in Kentucky, which wasn’t too bad of an alternative.

2: Meeting People

When you are out traveling to new places, you are guaranteed to meet new people. The only difference between each person you meet is the kind of relation you establish with them. Do you establish a personal relationship or a passive relationship? When I travel I do my best to make personal relationships with the people I meet. However, there are times where I regret that I do not do enough to make these relationships stronger. I have a few examples for this road regret. While I was down in North Carolina I made a stop in Asheville to The Hop, which is an ice cream store I saw on Uniquely Sweets. The two workers were the friendliest people you could ever meet. The girl was even featured on the episode of Uniquely Sweets I saw The Hop in. All three of us talked about many things and for some reason I felt like I knew them forever by the time I left. But it hit me when I was on the road that I never did get their names. That regret hit me hard like a freight train. Another example is when I was down in South Carolina I made a stop at Perfectly Franks in Summerville. In Perfectly Franks I met the prettiest girl with the prettiest eyes, smile, laugh, etc. I got her name and for some reason she’s always on my mind. This particular case is a regret in not elevating a friendly relationship further.

On Road Regrets

Overall, when you travel do your best to avoid the road regrets I listed above. Do your best to make a manageable itinerary and always be aware that time is never on your side. Also, do all you can to make the best out of every relationship you build with people you meet on your travels!

Published by Levie Galapon