As our journey continued to explore Kyushu island, we made a stop over in Ikitsuki Ohashi. Ohashi means bridge and Ikitsuki is another island of Kyushu. In other words, Ikitsuki Ohashi is the bridge connecting to two separating islands of Ikitsuki and Hirado (the neighboring island). This is not your ordinary bridge because it spanned to 400 meters and known to be the longest truss bridge in the world. Now I just sounded like a tour guide. Well, allow me to continue....


We drove down underneath the bridge where you can sit on to some benches or just wander around while enjoying the view. The space was tremendously vast that I was able to take a good look with the whole bridge's span in both islands.



After soaking in some sun and taking in some good pictures, we drove West. From time to time, we made some stop overs while marveling the wonderful nature and the wide ocean (but let us not forget it's much colder than it looked like because of the winter season).



So to level up the adventure we went for some little mountain trekking (okay so technically there was a stair leading to the summit, but you get the gist). Stretching up to 250 meters high, we climbed up and reached the Obaebana. If you see it on the map, we were literally on the west end of Kyushu island (practically in some way facing Taiwan).



We climbed up to the light house to get a good view and somehow enjoyed the chilly strong wind on top.



It was (without a doubt) quite an experience! You know, it could be like a good conversation starter that you made it to the west end or something. Anyway, I practically slept the whole way back. It was indeed a long day for us.



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Published by Lisa Sakurai